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Over the last decade, bpi group has become one of the largest global producers of polythene film products, supplying over 270,000 tonnes each year for numerous applications, while our recycling plants reprocess over 73,000 tonnes of UK waste from industrial, commercial, agricultural and domestic sources.

Our success and growth has been based on the highest levels of quality products and service, combined with technical expertise, long-standing experience and a commitment to continual innovation in new product development.

We introduced the world’s first triple layer balewrap, and films made from biopolymers that are completely compostable.  Our recycling activities have created a wide range of second-life products including street furniture and fencing.  And our customer support programme features initiatives such as wrap audits, balewrapping clinics and instructional videos, which enable customers to maximise the benefits of our products.

Today our company comprises four dedicated Business Units:
·         bpi recycled products
·         bpi agriculture
·         bpi indupac
·         bpi protec

This has created a highly-focused operation targeted on meeting the needs of our customers and their markets on a national and international basis.


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