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Black Balewrap Meets A Local Need

In response to market demand in France, Ireland and the UK, the popular SilotitePro pre-oriented silage stretchfilm is now available in black. Black, a colour traditionally associated with balewrap in these countries, remains a popular choice there.  Having listened to feedback from farmers and contractors already benefiting from the enhanced balewrapping process, significant cost savings and augmented crop quality delivered by SilotitePro, black was added to the range. The reasons cited by those with a preference for black balewrap include that it blends better into the local landscape and that it is less prone to bird damage. RPC bpi agriculture was pleased to offer this additional colour option to those who prefer it.

SilotitePro Black benefits from a greater reel length: 1950m instead of the usual 1500m supplied with conventional products. This additional length allows users to produce 30% more bales per reel. The resultant cost savings are further enhanced by a reduction in the number of reel changes necessary. For example, given that un-boxing and changing a reel takes approximately 7 minutes on each occasion, it is possible for farmers and contractors wrapping circa 350 bales a day to save up to 30 minutes daily.

SilotitePro is available in 100% recyclable polythene sleeve packaging. Made from the same base material (low density polyethylene) as the balewrap itself, the sleeve removes the need for cardboard cartons and can be easily recycled through the same channel as used balewrap thereby aiding waste management on farm.

In the field the excellent puncture resistance, robust characteristics and tack levels afforded by SilotitePro unite to deliver a tough, high performance balewrap that delivers better crop conservation due to an increased oxygen barrier and smoother, less wrinkled film layers when applied to the bale. Importantly this smoother surface means there are fewer opportunities for air to become trapped.

The advantages of SilotitePro don’t end when the bale is finally unwrapped. Being thinner, it takes 26% less film by weight to wrap a bale, which means there is correspondingly less film to recycle post use.

Bart Geeraert, Commercial Director, RPC bpi agriculture commented: “SilotitePro provides advantages for farmers and contractors on all levels: a more productive wrapping experience, significant cost savings and reduced farm waste. These multiple benefits are now complemented by an alternative film colour in order to provide users with greater choice.”

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