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RPC Grows Their Flexibles Platform

Today, RPC Group has announced the acquisition of Nordfolien GmbH (“Nordfolien”). Nordfolien is a leader in the design and manufacture of higher added value polythene films for both industrial and consumer packaging markets. After the successful acquisition and transformation of the RPC bpi group, the acquisition of Nordfolien represents an important next step in growing the Group’s flexibles platform.

With approximately 400 employees at its locations in Steinfeld, Germany and Zdzieszwice, Poland, with sales of 120 mio € and a capacity of approximately 60,000 tonnes annually and a recycling capacity of 15,000 tonnes. NORDFOLIEN is among the leading manufacturers of premium quality flexible industrial and consumer packaging and has developed, patented and commercialised a number of innovative, market leading products

Their recycling facilities in both Germany and Poland will expand bpi group’s recycling capabilities to over 80,000 tonnes and therefore improve our sustainability offering to our customer base on the continent.

The acquisition will augment bpi group’s market positions in Europe, as well as providing access to higher growth geographies including Eastern Europe, improving our ability to follow our international customers through Continental Europe. Nordfolien’s industrial product offering will enrich our overall portfolio whilst adding further innovation capability in an attractive market segment.

The Nordfolien management team will continue to operate the business from its current locations, and Nordfolien will become integrated in the RPC bpi group as our fifth business unit.

Click here to see a company video of Nordfolien or visit them at

Completion of the acquisition is subject to clearance from the Polish and German competition authorities, and is expected be completed at the latest by the end of September 2018.


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