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IT Team does Brutal Running Challenge

It was raining heavily and rather cold for July in Nottingham, but this did not stop the RPC bpi NAV Team last Saturday from setting off on their Summer X-Runner Challenge, a 10K with 60+ obstacles including open water swimming, fire jumping, leaping from heights and monkey bars to name just a few.

Those taking part were Ann Hadley, Jacqueline Wallace, Sophie Varnam, Mark Floyd, Tim Simmonds, Dan Simmonds, Lawrence Barton and Jane Bradley. The team took part to raise money for Diabetes UK and Motor Neurone Association.

Not long after setting off they had a water obstacle so the fact that it was raining didn’t matter. Everyone completed the entire 10k even though it was two 5k laps and you could have finished it after 1 lap. There were no major injuries, however there were plenty of bruises and a few scrapes gathered on the way round.

The best part of the course was jumping into and then “drifting” down the rapid section of the canoe training course and even though Ann Hadley has a fear of heights she still did a solo jump at the end of a 5m platform into an air bag.

They all kept together as a team and crossed the line at the same time. It took them 3 hours, followed by a very enjoyable cold shower at the end along with a well-deserved burger. They are all very proud of their achievement, as it shows that they can do anything when they put their mind to it.

So far they have raised a total of £861: £395 for Motor Neurone Disease and £466 for Diabetes UK. They are still aiming to reach £800 for each charity and are hoping that more donations are still to come.

You can donate here

Watch the video to see how they got on.


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