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Protecting Products and the Enviroment

In today’s eco-conscious times, packaging now needs to do more than just protect loads. It also needs to go some way to safeguarding the environment. Recognising this, RPC bpi indupac – the UK’s leading manufacturer pallet stretch films – has been quick to develop a range of greener solutions.

As RPC bpi indupac’s Commercial Director, Kurt Grazier, points out: “In the past, packaging loads was all about security and preventing damage. Now the aims are so much wider than that. Logistics and warehousing operators are under increasing pressure to meet stringent environmental standards. Thanks to RPC bpi’s technical expertise, we have been able to develop new products that enable our customers to meet these additional goals and without compromising in other areas.”

A prime example of this is the company’s Wrapsmartultra product. This next generation pallet stretch film draws on advanced manufacturing techniques to offer all the performance of a 14 micron (mμ) film but is actually only 7 mμ thick.

As a result, half the film by volume is required to wrap a given load and in turn, less packaging waste, by weight, is created. This reduced waste can even be reprocessed rather than sent to landfill as Wrapsmartultra – like many RPC bpi’s products – is 100% recyclable.

Plus, the green benefits to Wrapsmartultra don’t end there. Thanks to the film’s thinner gauge, customers get more film per reel. This not only provides increased value for money as users can wrap more pallets with every reel, but it also cuts down on the number of deliveries required and associated vehicle emissions.

The introduction of greener products aside, RPC bpi is also taking other steps to help warehousing and logistics companies operate in a more eco-conscious way. Most notably, it has begun offering customers free ‘Wrap Audits’.

Taking just 30 minutes to complete, these entail one of RPC bpi’s technical team assessing a user’s film choice, machinery and application methods with a view to optimising their packaging operations. Frequently, it discovers users are wrapping pallets with more film than is necessary and by helping customers to wrap more efficiently it can cut their product usage and costs, as well as any resulting waste.

As part of the RPC Group, RPC bpi can also assist customers with end-to-end green solutions. On top of its ability to provide more environmentally sound packaging, it can facilitate that packaging’s disposal through sister business, RPC bpi recycled.

The largest recycler of waste polythene in Europe, RPC bpi recycled products can take items such as pallet covers, pallet hoods and stretch wrap and reprocess them – giving them a whole new lease of life as decking, garden furniture, building materials and many other second generation products.

Kurt Grazier concludes: “Polythene may have had more than its fair share of negative press recently thanks in part to the furore surrounding plastic bags, but the reality is, it’s now greener than ever.

“By focusing on the three ‘Rs’ (reduce, reuse and recycle), RPC bpi indupac is enabling the continued use of this versatile method of load protection – and in a way that has minimal impact on the environment.”

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