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Bagging Solutions

  • Smarter

    Exceptional performance to give your packaging the edge

  • Flexible

    Lightweight and sustainable

  • Solutions

    Added value packaging

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  • RPC-bagging

    Offering a wide range of PE bagging solutions for many industrial applications in the manufacturing, construction, (petro)chemical sectors and beyond

  • RPC-cog

    Multiple solutions – film on the reel (Politube or Polisheet), open-mouth sacks (Polisax), valve bags (Polivalve) or liners (Poliline)

  • RPC-factory

    Advanced manufacturing and techniques to provide superior strength and durability

  • RPC-innovation

    Our innovative Ventisack and Formifor products help our customers to reduce costs and increase efficiency

  • RPC-factory

    Where required, your packaging can be printed to deliver exceptional presentation qualities

  • RPC-people

    From bulky construction products, over heavy duty packaging, to manufacturing consumables & bespoke shapes, we offer solutions from start to finish

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