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Flexible storage solutions

  • Smarter

    Providing fast and efficient storage solutions for a variety of commodity crops

  • Flexible

    Developed for use in all temperatures and harvest conditions

  • Solutions

    Can be filled in the field to save time, labour, storage & fuel costs

Learn more about our innovative flexible storage solutions by visiting our flexible storage solutions website

visit our Flexible Storage Solutions website
  • RPC-innovation

    Featuring the industry's first 7 layer SmartStructure® technology

  • RPC-star

    Storage solutions that speed up the harvest by enabling storage in the field

  • RPC-bagging

    Our superior strength agriculture bags are suitable for use with all modern high capacity baggers & grain bag extractors

  • RPC-crops

    Once harvest is over, crops can be extracted when convenient for the farmer

  • RPC-cog

    Increased strength, greater puncture and tear resistance

  • RPC-innovation

    Innovations include automated bag folding & the first 4.3m diameter bag

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