Innovatively increasing yields

Horticultural Solutions

  • Smarter

    Optimises the growing environment by actively managing light transmission, diffusion and temperature

  • Flexible

    With numerous technical advantages our horticulture films satisfy almost every growing condition

  • Solutions

    Films developed in partnership with leading plant scientists to enhance crop yield and quality

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  • RPC-crops

    Innovative greenhouse and tunnel films that deliver exceptional agronomic results

  • RPC-silage

    Films that are ideal for producing compact, hardy seedlings

  • RPC-target

    Films that can speed up time to first pick

  • RPC-silage

    Extending seasons and increasing crop yield

  • RPC-star

    Films with enhanced optic, thermic and film strength characteristics

  • RPC-factory

    Enhancing quality through improved colouration, taste and shelf-life

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