Innovatively increasing yields

Horticultural Solutions

  • Smarter

    Optimises the growing environment by actively managing light transmission, diffusion and temperature

  • Flexible

    With numerous technical advantages our horticulture films satisfy almost every growing condition

  • Solutions

    Films developed in partnership with leading plant scientists to enhance crop yield and quality

Learn more about our innovative horticulture solutions by visiting our horticulture solutions website

visit our Horticultural Solutions website
  • RPC-crops

    Innovative greenhouse and tunnel films that deliver exceptional agronomic results

  • RPC-silage

    Films that are ideal for producing compact, hardy seedlings

  • RPC-target

    Films that can speed up time to first pick

  • RPC-silage

    Extending seasons and increasing crop yield

  • RPC-star

    Films with enhanced optic, thermic and film strength characteristics

  • RPC-factory

    Enhancing quality through improved colouration, taste and shelf-life

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