Smarter & more innovative multipacking

Multipack Solutions

  • Smarter

    Technically & operationally superior multi-packaging for many markets

  • Flexible

    Extensive experience that makes us our customers’ number one choice

  • Solutions

    Stronger and lighter. We deliver impact

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  • RPC-recycling

    Knowledge and experience has enabled us to develop sustainable multi-packing solutions

  • RPC-innovation

    Providing innovative film technology for high-speed packing methods

  • RPC-cog

    Perfect shrink solutions for high volume demands in beverage, food & non-food sectors

  • RPC-factory

    WaveGrip - Our innovative multi-packing carriers & application technologies take multi-packing to new heights

  • RPC-target

    Stronger multi-packing carriers that are lighter, with significant branding capabilities

  • RPC-manypeople

    Our range of simple & efficient applicators provide access to our technology to all corners of the market

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