Smarter & more innovative multipacking

Sustainable, Innovative

  • Smarter

    Built to make multi-packing smarter and sustainable

  • Flexible

    Intelligent carrier design and efficiency enhancing applicators.

  • Solutions

    WaveGrip delivers serious enhancements to the multi-packing process

Learn more about our innovative multipack solutions by visiting our multipack solutions website

Visit our Multipack solutions Website
  • RPC-crops

    One of the lightest multi-packing solutions that uses minimal materials meaning packaging footprint is significantly reduced.

  • RPC-recycling

    Carriers are not just light, they are fully recyclable and can be turned into new products or more WaveGrip carriers!

  • RPC-recycling

    Carriers can be made from post-consumer recycled material like Sustane™, an exclusively developed polymer made by the RPC bpi Group

  • RPC-cog

    WaveGrip applicators are built to enhance the performance of your packaging process

  • RPC-target

    WaveGrip applicators accommodate line speeds from 20 cans per minute up to 3000 cans per minute!

  • RPC-people

    WaveGrip applicators are designed and built in house by our specialist WaveTec engineers.

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