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  • Smarter

    Generating the ideal anaerobic conditions for highly nutritional silage

  • Flexible

    Continuous market research ensures we anticipate sector trends and product requirements

  • Solutions

    The first choice for farmers and contractors in 70+ countries worldwide

Learn more about our innovative silage solutions by visiting our silage solutions website

visit our Silage Solutions website
  • RPC-crops

    Tried and tested in all climates our high performing silage films enhance quality and yield globally

  • RPC-factory

    Manufactured using 5, 7 and 9 layer blown co-extrusion technologies to create films that stay ahead of the game

  • RPC-landscaping

    Films for all silage crops in all climates from Canada to Central Europe to Australia

  • RPC-cog

    Suitable for use on all balewrappers including complex, high-speed machinery

  • RPC-silage

    Providing farmers with user friendly and flexible feeding options

  • RPC-target

    Films for consistently reliable, trouble-free balewrapping time after time

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