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Silotite Secures Patent

RPC bpi agriculture, manufacturers of Silotite high performance balewrap, has been granted patent protection for its sleeve packaged silage stretchfilm range. Granted in January 2017, European Patent No. 2872426 recognises the unique nature of the sleeve-packaged format for agricultural stretchfilms and baler films. The 100% recyclable, aesthetically pleasing, sleeve takes agricultural film packaging to a whole new level of protection whilst also reducing packaging waste on farm.

In addition to bearing an eye-catching and distinctive design, the Silotite sleeve ensures product traceability via a unique batch label whilst instructions for use are outlined through a series of easy-to-follow icons. Each reel end is protected by a cardboard disc with the correct film positioning and unwind direction being highlighted prominently at the top of the sleeve.

The flexible nature of this innovative polythene packaging ensures a close fit around the balewrap to minimise contamination by dust or dirt. Importantly, this unique packaging format also enhances pallet stability during transit.

A big plus for the new packaging format is its lighter weight and 100% recyclability. With the average balewrap carton being circa 10 times heavier than a sleeve the potential for waste reduction on farm is significant.  Additionally, managing packaging waste in the field is easier.  With combi-wrappers carrying up to 10 reels of balewrap, users report that folding and storing flexible sleeves is much easier and quicker to deal with than bulky cardboard cartons.

Made using the same base material (low density polyethylene) as the balewrap itself the protective sleeve can be easily recycled through the same channel as used balewrap thereby aiding management of the waste stream on farm.

Speaking of the new development, Bart Geeraert, Commercial Director, RPC bpi agriculture said: “This smarter sleeve packaging saves time and effort for farmers and contractors whilst also helping to minimize waste on farm.” He continues: “Just like the balewrap it protects, our new sleeve packaging is innovative and easy to use.”

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