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Our extensive experience allows us to provide real solutions for all of our customers. Frequently we are approached with issues and problems from customers using existing materials and asked to develop different and innovative alternatives. For example one of RPC bpi protec’s customers, a leading poultry producer, recently had an issue when they wanted to move to PET trays, but at the same time wanted to continue to use a PP lid on their chicken trays.

This presented many different technical challenges to overcome in order to allow for this combination to be used. Mainly sealing characteristics and seal quality. After trialing several alternatives we successful developed a heat lamination film with a PP upper that meant that the PP lids could be used on the mainly PET trays. We satisfied our customers requirement resulting in the customer being able to use their required combination for their packaging needs, thus preventing significant line investments and production interuptions.

Innovation through knowledge shows our ability to offer smarter flexible solutions within the food sector.

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