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Through innovation we are able to offer smarter flexible solutions for all of our customers – this is one of our core values at RPC bpi protec. Recently one of our customers in Ireland was having issues with one of their customers whose large laminate bags were sliding off pallets. This was a serious Health and Safety issue that needed to be resolved in order to allow for a safer palletised load.

After a thorough examination it was determined that the issue was caused by a slip additive transferring to the PET side of the laminate, which as a result was causing the bags to become too slippy. In order to overcome this issue we tested various new alternatives at our state of the art innovation centre and eventually resolved the issue by incorporating a non-migratory slip, which did not transfer onto the laminate, therefore, helping to eliminate the issue. Our customer was able to quickly resolve the issue that had been presented to them before an accident occurred that injured someone.

Our robust innovation process clearly demonstrates how innovation can help us to meet the needs of our customers, allowing us to grow as a business as well as developing safer products for our customers.


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