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Beyond Sustainability

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Environmental stewardship is not always easy, but it will help us to raise our game and perform better in all kinds of ways.

Our Environmental Commitment

How We Are Creating a Sustainable Future with Plastic

Embracing sustainability with zero waste to landfill sites and closed loop manufacturing systems enables RPC bpi group to embrace the circular economy.

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    tonnes of post-consumer polythene waste recycled annually into second life products

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    Sustainability Projects


    external sustainability initiatives that we are involved in, to minimise the impact of plastics on our environment

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    Circular Economy


    second life products manufactured by RPC bpi group

Plastic Litter & Environmental Enterprise

RPC bpi group take our responsibilities of this complex and significant global issue extremely seriously.

Plastic waste released into oceans, seas, lakes or waterways whether this act be deliberate or accidental creates marine litter.

Undesirable human behaviour and inadequate waste management practices are some of the issues that we help to address by being members of organisations such as the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and the British Plastics Federation . (BPF)

Furthermore, in an effort to minimise the impact of our operations on the environment, we engage in initiatives that create zero waste to landfill sites. Many of our sites have achieved this by using sustainable waste streams for all materials and products, segregating internal waste and always applying the adage ‘prevent, reduce, recycle, reuse’ approach.

Beyond this, we ensure plastic in the form of pellets is not littered. An example of this is the campaign entitled ‘Operation Clean Sweep’ of which RPC bpi group is a signatory. This initiative aims to reduce pellet loss to the environment from plastic conversion operations.



Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is our most powerful statement on the values we promote.

We recognise and stand by our CSR responsibilities.

An afterthought for many, but a proactive & powerful strategy for RPC bpi group that goes beyond demonstrating our commitment to social and environmental change.

Every decision, policy and procedure at RPC bpi group evolves around our CSR goal – to integrate ethical, social and environmental concerns with those of manufacturing, production and business efficiency.

To achieve this we engage all of our people and local communities, which means creating shared values for everyone. We regularly donate our products, Plaswood for example, to fantastic causes. Additionally we  raise money for local and National charities and ensure our operations are both ethical and as sustainable as possible.

We accept our accountabilities seriously. CSR will always be very much an integral part of RPC bpi group.