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Taking Visqueen Sheets to Level 7

With a history of providing excellent crop protection that stretches back 40 years, the VISQUEEN silage sheet range (which is produced entirely in the UK) continues to advance.

Having led the market for almost a decade with 5 Layer Technology films, VISQUEEN has now commenced 7 Layer blown co-extrusion manufacturing that maximises the individual performance characteristics of a silage sheet.

Following a significant £4m investment in its UK manufacturing plant, VISQUEEN’s silage sheet range has taken another leap forward with the introduction of 7 Layer Technology sheets.

To the naked eye one silage sheet can appear similar to the next. However, viewing the latest VISQUEEN silage sheets at a microscopic level reveals how 7 individual layers are brought together to form 1 uniquely strong yet versatile and lightweight film structure.

With 7 layers to choose from additives and other raw materials can be inserted with greater precision during the manufacturing process to create dedicated film layers for features like UV protection, strength, tear and puncture resistance.  Such advanced production techniques ensure each sheet’s mechanical characteristics are optimised to produce a high quality, reliable silage sheet.

Being lighter weight, VISQUEEN silage sheets are easy to handle and apply to clamps of all sizes. Additionally, the advanced production methods employed enable smoother gauge control to deliver a consistent film thickness across the whole sheet which, in turn, provides an enhanced oxygen barrier and a more consistent level of protection across the clamp surface.

The durable VISQUEEN silage sheet range is tough enough to withstand the farm working environment where its robust impact features help prevent tears and splits happening during the clamp sheeting process.

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