When it's No
Good to be Green

Breathable opaque film extends
the shelf-life of potatoes and other
fresh produce

A Watertight Case

Setting new standards in liquid
membrane sealing

We got it Wrapped

Tried and tested in all climates, our
robust silage stretchfilms generate
ideal anaerobic conditions for highly
nutritional fodder.


The Greatest
InVENTion for
Cement Packaging

Improved looks and handling
deliver a price premium

Visqueen Ultimate

The Ultimate in

Introducing the UK's strongest bin
liner, produced from the most advanced
and toughest film on the market and
endorsed by the coveted 'Mumsnet
Rated' accolade.

smarter flexible solutions

bpi group is a leading supplier of high quality, value-added flexible solutions. With fully dedicated and market focussed businesses, we design and engineer highly innovative and cost-effective solutions to preserve, promote and protect your valuable products.

Our expertise in design and engineering, combined with an in-depth knowledge of the needs of our clients and the markets they serve we are determined to surpass the existing boundaries of flexible solutions.

Our strategically fully integrated recycling business shows our key focus is on sustainability and supporting the circular economy. We currently recycle already over 30% of our new product tonnage.

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